About FNDD

We are a Democratic Club and PAC.

Formed in 2004, the Far North Dallas Democrats are political activists who live in the North Dallas area. Members are residents of Dallas, Denton or Collin County.

Club Purpose

o To support and organize for Democratic candidates and other candidates (in non partisan races) for public office in North Dallas, House District 102, County, state and Federal elections

o To be a forum for the exchange of progressive ideas to promote activities to broaden support from the community and strengthen the Democratic Party

o To actively promote progressive legislation – local, state and national

o To identify, recruit, encourage and vet local residents who would make good candidates to consider running for local political offices such as School board, City Council, State Representative, Congress etc.

o To endorse candidates for political office that will promote progressive ideas, good government and representative of the values of our local members


Janice Schwarz, President
James White, Vice President
Anthony Pace, Past President
Robert Franklin, Treasurer
Rick Krause, Secretary
Lenna Webb, Membership Chair

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Club History

North Dallas Democrats HD 102 (NDD102) was founded in early 2004 by Anthony Pace, Precinct Chair 1811 and Robert Franklin Precinct Chair 1802.  Precinct Chairs in the 1800 precincts in HD 102 were the starting point of the club.  The first event held by the fledgling club was a Primary Forum at the Fretz Park Recreational Center in 2004.  This is the Club’s signature event and has also been held in 2006 and 2008. 

NDD102 in 2004 primarily focused on Harriet Miller’s Race for State Representative and Martin Frost’s Congressional Race.  Although both races were unsuccessful, they served as a starting point for activism in HD 102.  In 2006, the club was again involved with Harriet Miller’s second attempt to win in HD 102.

In 2007,  the club recruited Carol Kent to run for State Representative.  Club members formed the initial campaign team.  Anthony Pace was the initial campaign manager, Janice Schwarz, Precinct Chair 1809, was the field director, Lenna Webb was the campaign treasurer and both Bob Franklin and John Knutson, Precinct Chair 1806 served as advisors to the campaign.

The club was renamed Far North Dallas Democrats (FNDD) in 2009 to reflect the club’s focus beyond House District 102. FNDD’s role in Carol’s election in 2008 was the greatest accomplishment of the club to date.  The Club will continue to focus on identifying, recruiting and supporting candidates in our area.